What is the difference between different types of villa elevators


With the continuous improvement of people's living stan […]

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, many people use elevators for single-door single-family single-family elevators for the convenience of quality of life. They are generally installed in privately-owned villas, self-built houses, duplex buildings, and lofts. Wait. Compared with public elevators, the characteristics of the home environment determine that more consideration must be given to the cleaning, energy saving and low noise of the home elevator.

Although the hydraulic household elevator has a smaller operating sound, it is gradually eliminated by the market because of the oil leakage hazard and the odor generated after the oil leakage. The other three types of home elevators are the main type of home elevators currently on the market because of the clean and pollution-free home environment.

The advantage of the forced drive type (strong drive type) home elevator is the size of the elevator. However, because the power of the main engine is too large, the power consumption is large, and the sound is large. At present, it is mainly used for the ultra-small shaft which cannot be realized by the traction type and the screw type technology. .

The advantage of the screw-type home elevator is that the pit depth and the top floor height are the minimum requirements, and because the elevator has a very light weight, it has a greater advantage for buildings with limited load on the bottom floor of the super-storey villa, duplex building, and attic. However, screw-type home elevators are generally not recommended for villas of four or more floors because of the slow speed and too high floor jitter.

Because the self-weight is too large for the elevator, it can not be used in the upper stack villa, duplex building, attic, but because of the fast running speed, low power of the host, energy saving and no noise threshold of 50 decibels, it is the main type of home elevator used in villas.

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