What does it mean to have flannel, coral velvet, and velvet written on the fabric

Summary:When shopping for blankets and four piece sets, we can always see the names of products with words such as flannel, cora...
When shopping for blankets and four piece sets, we can always see the names of products with words such as flannel, coral velvet, and velvet written on them. What materials are these made of?
Generally speaking, low-cost goods are written as flannel, coral velvet, velvet They are all polyester (polyester fiber) under the chemical classification, mainly used in textiles. They have good wrinkle resistance and warmth retention, and are easy to take care of, so they are relatively popular with consumers. However, their air permeability and moisture absorption are relatively poor, and they are also prone to pilling and static electricity. So when you see such a product name, you should think of the word polyester.
"Flannel: A soft, woolen fabric with a suede surface woven from carded (cotton) wool yarn.". However, the low-cost flannel on the market is a cashmere fabric made from polyester (polyester fiber) through processing processes such as fuzzing. The feel of flannel is more delicate and soft, with good warmth retention and abrasion resistance.
Coral velvet: A new type of fabric made from polyester fibers. Due to the high density between fibers, which is coral like, it is called coral velvet. Due to the improvement and upgrading of the process, coral velvet has a richer sense of layering and rich colors.
Both flannel and coral have soft down and warmth retention. The fabric of flannel is more thick and the density of plush is very tight, while the density of coral velvet is relatively sparse. Velvet: It is composed of two sets of warp threads and two sets of weft threads interwoven, using silk as the warp and high-quality cotton yarn as the weft. In 2007, the velvet weaving technique was successfully listed in the "Intangible Cultural Heritage List of Jiangsu Province". The raw materials are expensive and the production process is complex. Velvet textiles are mostly used for high-end clothing fabrics. However, the low-cost velvet on the market belongs to the category of chemical fiber velvet, and both warp and weft threads are chemical fibers.
The flannel, coral velvet, and velvet on the market are basically polyester fiber products.