Use of the hoistway construction elevator


Construction elevator doors are provided on each floor […]

Construction elevator doors are provided on each floor of the construction site. The main purpose is to protect the construction safety of workers, so as to avoid accidents caused by falling and falling.

The hoistway construction elevator is a construction elevator directly installed in the floor elevator shaft during the construction process.

Therefore, the landing door position of the hoistway construction elevator is the elevator door on each floor, and a safety gate is set at that position on the position of the passenger elevator that we ride every day.

Moreover, the security doors on each floor can only be opened from the elevator, and the workers cannot be opened from the outside. This ensures the safety of workers' construction.

Take the elevator steps in the hoistway

1. The worker needs to take the elevator and press the floor call button in front of the safety gate of the elevator.

2. The elevator driver receives a worker call in the elevator and presses the worker designated floor in the elevator.

3. The elevator runs to the designated floor, and the driver opens the elevator safety door from inside and then opens the floor safety door.

4. Workers can enter the elevator and take the elevator to the floor they want to go.

Traditional external construction elevator landing door

The external construction elevator is installed outside the building and the height is consistent with the height of the floor.

And need to open a transport port on the outer wall of each floor, docking the elevator door.

The externally constructed elevator landing door is the transport port installed on the outer wall of each floor.

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