The Safety device of elevator


1. Mechanical safety device A.Safety rails with straigh […]

1. Mechanical safety device

A.Safety rails with straight rail and overspeed brake can not only ensure that the elevator runs on the same vertical line, but also prevent the car from falling at high speed;

B.Configuring a steel wire rope that suspends several times the weight of the elevator car to prevent the elevator from falling due to the broken wire rope;

C.When the power is on, the brake system can be released to prevent the elevator from running out of power and any other abnormal conditions;

D.The door of the hall is equipped with a door lock switch device to ensure that the door can be opened only when the car is running to the door opening area;

E.The last safety line: the buffer.

2. Electrical safety device

A.Door interlocking safety circuit ensures that any door of the elevator is closed and the elevator can operate normally;

B.Three-pole limit (limit, ultimate) safety protection circuit is arranged at the upper and lower ends of the hoistway to ensure that the elevator car cannot exceed the running area;

C.The power supply is designed with safety protection devices such as overcurrent, phase loss, phase misalignment and overvoltage.

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