The preferred driving method for home elevators is traction

Summary:The so-called "floating-type" duplex building, attic, leaps, loft, and villas, etc., rarely have more than 3 floors. Gen...

The so-called "floating-type" duplex building, attic, leaps, loft, and villas, etc., rarely have more than 3 floors. Generally, the second floor is mostly, and there are three floors, so the 2 and 3 floor screw home elevators are completely Can meet the needs.

Under normal circumstances, the preferred driving method for household elevators is traction, the speed of the household elevator is fast, the speed of the automatic door traction household elevator is 0.4m/s, the speed of the hand-operated door is 0.3m/s; the traction of the household elevator is no noise. No tremors, stable operation and comfortable ride. The traction elevator has a counterweight, and its own weight is large. The bottom layer can be used to bear the weight of the elevator itself, and there is a pit. Generally, the depth of the bottom pit of the household elevator is 500mm and not less than 450mm, and the middle three traction household elevator passes the technology. Innovation, the pit is a minimum of 150mm. The traction elevator is not limited by the number of landings (number of floors), and can be done at a high height. The height of a high-rise building is several hundred meters and several kilometers, all of which are traction elevators.

In the home elevator industry, screw home elevators are very hot and hot. Why is there no screw elevator in the high-rise elevator? How high can a screw elevator be? Is it possible to do screw elevators? The screw elevator is too high to be done, and the most suitable height is two or three.

The advantage of the screw home elevator is that it will not damage the civil construction, the weight is light, the space utilization rate is extremely high, the safety factor is extremely high, and it will not be smashed, so it is highly respected. However, in many cases, especially when the height is too high and the landing is more than 4 floors, the screw elevator is not the first choice for the home elevator.