The lower edge of the guide rail should be strictly checked


The landing door of the elevator is suspended on the si […]

The landing door of the elevator is suspended on the sill rail of the elevator landing door by a hanging wheel on the suspension plate, and one side of the suspension plate is provided with a suspension wheel and a restriction hanging wheel to release the limit eccentric wheel from the guide rail. It is not difficult to see that the suspension wheel of the landing door is a "flange wheel" that acts as a guide for the layer door to run along the guide rail.

Therefore, in order to limit the hanging wheel to the door rail, the adjustment gap between the lower limit of the limit eccentric and the door rail should be smaller than the edge height of the flange wheel. Otherwise, when the hall door receives foreign objects on the deck and the door rail, there may be Leaving the rails and falling into the hoistway will cause serious elevator landings to fall into the elevator shaft. Therefore, the gap adjustment between the limit eccentric wheel and the lower edge of the guide rail should be strictly checked and confirmed during installation or maintenance. This link is mainly guaranteed by the installation and maintenance personnel of the elevator.

The combination of the layer slider and the layer door sill: the layer door slider is suspended on the lower edge of the layer door, and the layer door slider should be clamped into the floor door sill groove to restrict the front and rear swing of the layer door, and only the layer door edge can be The floor canal is opened or closed horizontally. Therefore, the fixing of the landing door slider during the installation process should ensure the number of mounting of the slider, the number of fixing bolts of the slider and the effectiveness of the fastening. Due to the vibration caused by the opening or closing of the landing door during the working process, the fixing bolt of the slider will loose or fall off. Therefore, the effectiveness of the slider must also be confirmed during the maintenance process. Otherwise, if the slider is released from the layer Door ridges, the phenomenon of "iron curtains" appear on the landing doors. When people rely on the landing doors, they will cause them to fall into the elevator shaft. In recent years, similar accidents have occurred.

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