The importance of suitable elevator decorations

Summary:Elevators and people's production days are getting closer and closer. Office buildings, hotels, buildings, residences, f...

Elevators and people's production days are getting closer and closer. Office buildings, hotels, buildings, residences, factories, transportation hubs, etc. can be seen everywhere. It is an indispensable equipment for the straight opening of urban space. The elevator is not just a means of transportation. How to make passengers feel comfortable in a small space, and the requirements for elevator decoration are growing. Elevator decoration is also constantly subdivided: modern business, luxury hotel, concise place, warm villa and so on.

When planning elevator decoration, the need to consider the use of the elevator and the overall structure, and then consider the decoration style of the building to consider the selection of elevator decoration materials, after all, plan a suitable decoration effect.

Elevators are divided into passenger elevators, residential elevators, hospital elevators, passenger and cargo elevators, cargo elevators, sundries elevators, special elevators, etc. The cargo elevator and the debris elevator generally use steel plate dusting on the decoration of the car and the hall car door. Bed elevators and home elevators generally use hairline stainless steel or steel plate to spray powder. The color should be soft. The ceiling plan should not be cumbersome. The milky white acrylic plate soft light planning should be adopted. The whole function should be concise and clear, and dispatch people's mood and state of mind.

Passenger elevators are elevators planned for the transportation of passengers. They are mainly used in public places such as hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and large shopping malls. Therefore, a variety of materials and color combinations are often used. The interior decoration materials are extremely elegant, and the line and shape are extremely versatile. Focusing on each slender place, the performance is noble and quiet, luxurious, elegant, safe and comfortable. Space gives a pleasing visual touch. And the use of different color temperature differences and the treatment of different light sources, can be vague and warm, can be bright and light, showing the different elevator decoration style, to build the best atmosphere for all kinds of environmental requirements.