The hall door self-closing device should be effective


The hall door self-closing device should be effective: […]

The hall door self-closing device should be effective: each floor door is provided with a layer door self-closing device, that is to say: if the floor door is in the open state of the external force, if the car is not in the floor, then the external force is removed, the landing door is Under the action of the closing device, it should be able to automatically close along the landing door guide.

During the installation or maintenance process, it is necessary to ensure that the landing door self-closing device is effective to prevent the door from opening and not being self-closing. On the contrary, it may leave hidden dangers that personnel may fall into the hoistway.

The effective guarantee of the layer door lock locking device: the structure of the door door lock is composed of a mechanical locking device, that is, a movable lock hook and a static lock hook, and is also provided to verify whether the door lock lock hook is in the "locked" position. The electrical switch, under normal circumstances, requires that the dynamic lock hook and the static lock hook should be able to engage at least 7 mm in the vertical direction when the electrical switch is just turned on. However, if the adjustment is not correct, the door lock electrical switch is turned on when the landing door reaches the closed position, and the door lock lock hook is not "hooked", which may cause the landing door to open, and even the possibility of the person falling into the hoistway .

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