The Bed Elevator Manufacturer Teaches You How To Correctly Face The Phenomenon Of Trapped Elevators

Summary: After a passenger is trapped, The Bed Elevator manufacturer teaches you the best way is to press the emergency call but...

After a passenger is trapped, The Bed Elevator manufacturer teaches you the best way is to press the emergency call button inside the elevator. This button is usually connected to the duty room or the surveillance center. All you have to do is wait for rescue.

What should you do when the alarm is invalid?
1: You can call loudly or slap the car wall door.
2: Use shoes to slap the door louder, mainly to let the outside world know this kind of distress signal.
3: In some large cities, it is linked to the 110 centers. Calling 110 can also achieve the effect of calling for help.

In addition, if no one is passing by for a while, it is best for the trapped passengers to maintain their physical strength and pat the door intermittently, especially when they hear a noise outside, so as to attract the attention of passers-by. While the rescuer has not yet arrived, the trapped should not keep calling for help, keep their strength, calmly observe the movements, and wait patiently for rescue.

Since there is a nationally unified standard key to open the elevator, it is relatively easy for a professional to open the car door with the key from the outside after the elevator has trouble. When the elevator fails, the door loop will fail. At this time, the elevator may start abnormally. If the door is forcibly lifted, it is very dangerous, that is, shearing, which can easily cause personal injury. For the same reason, trapped passengers were also forbidden to climb out of the skylight by themselves. However, when the car door cannot be opened temporarily, professional rescuers must be assisted. After the power is cut off, the trapped persons can escape from the skylight.

The elevator is quite safe in terms of design. Its suspension system is generally three or more steel ropes, so the safety factor is equivalent to 12 times. There is also a fall prevention system, including a speed limiter, safety gear, and a buffer at the bottom. Once the elevator is found to be falling Overspeed, the speed limiter will first stop the elevator driving host. If the main engine still does not stop, the speed limiter will lift the safety gear to clamp the track and force the car to stop on the track. In addition, if it directly hits the buffer within a certain speed, the car will also stop.