Standard operation in the elevator maintenance process


In the elevator maintenance process, in addition to the […]

In the elevator maintenance process, in addition to the maintenance guardrail at the base station of the elevator, if the floor door is required to be opened on other floors and the car is not on the floor of the opening door, then the floor should also be Set up the guardrail. In order to prevent the elevator user from being careless, as long as the floor door is opened, the accident of falling into the hoistway will occur.

The elevator key management system: the elevator special key includes: the key to open the landing door, the base station elevator key, the elevator car inner control panel key, and the machine room key. The special key for the elevator is to control the safe operation of the elevator. A warning sign must be hanged according to the regulations. Untrained personnel shall not use it, and shall be uniformly placed in the designated position by the elevator user, and must be used by a designated qualified person and registered for registration. It is strictly forbidden to hand over the keys to the person who has not obtained the certificate of the special equipment operator.

Elevator emergency rescue release process: After the elevator is trapped, in the emergency rescue, the elevator car should be moved to the nearest leveling position. Do not open the door in the middle and upper part of the door door hole. People, let the trapped person's car squat to the floor of the landing door, once there is an uncoordinated movement, after the landing, "backward", it will fall into the hoistway. Figure 10 is a cell used by an elevator. After the passenger falls from the position to the ground, the body leans back and falls into the elevator shaft.

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