Seven Things to Know About Elevator Maintenance


How to properly carry out elevator maintenance, effecti […]

How to properly carry out elevator maintenance, effectively eliminate elevator accidents and extend the service life of elevator equipment?

1. According to the requirements of the State Quality Supervision Department, select and hire a qualified professional elevator maintenance company and sign a standard elevator contract;

2. Organize elevator safety common sense propaganda, conduct on-site lectures and exchange learning, and prepare a propaganda booklet for elevators;

3. According to the importance of each part of the elevator and the frequency of the combination of materials, the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual maintenance plans are prepared in a targeted manner;

4. Publicize the elevator maintenance plan and the status quo of elevator management, and advocate the cooperation and supervision of the owners, employees and elevator companies;

5. Strictly implement the closed management system for certificates, triangle keys and computer rooms;

6. Appoint the person responsible for the elevator management, follow up the elevator maintenance, and establish a safety management responsibility system;

7. Establish elevator management objectives, equipment operation performance, on-site maintenance quality and plan execution assessment mechanism, and pay maintenance costs based on monthly assessment results.

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