Seven Common Energy-saving Methods Of China Passenger Elevator

Summary:Seven common energy-saving methods of China Passenger Elevator : (1) Realize energy saving and consumption reduction in ...

Seven common energy-saving methods of China Passenger Elevator :

(1) Realize energy saving and consumption reduction in elevator software control, such as establishing an effective control traffic mode, setting the elevator operation mode to acceleration and deceleration variable parameters, minimizing the number of elevators stops, and determining the distance between different floors through simulation software simulation. the best operating curve.

(2) Take advantage of the elevator machine room on the roof, and make full use of solar energy as the supplementary energy for the elevator through the transformation.

(3) Improve the elevator mechanical transmission and electric drive system, adopt planetary gear reducer, frequency conversion voltage regulation, and speed regulation drive system, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the elevator, and its power loss can be reduced by more than 20%.

(4) An Elevator energy feedback device is a high-performance feedback braking unit dedicated to elevators. It can effectively convert the regenerative electric energy stored in the capacitor of the elevator inverter into AC electric energy and send it back to the power grid so that the elevator becomes a green "power plant" to supply power to other equipment, which has the effect of saving electric energy. The regenerative power recovery efficiency is as high as 97.5%. In addition, instead of electricity Resistance, energy consumption reduces the ambient temperature of the machine room, improves the operating temperature of the elevator control system, and prolongs the service life of the elevator. The machine room does not need to use cooling equipment such as air conditioners, which indirectly saves electricity.

(5) The elevator car lighting system is updated, and LED lighting lamps are used, which saves about 90% of lighting power, and the life of LED lamps is about 40 times that of conventional lamps.

(6) Using advanced elevator control technology, including elevator car unmanned automatic light-off technology, driving building intelligent management technology, etc., can achieve a good energy-saving effect.

(7) By strengthening the maintenance management of the elevator in the later stage, taking effective operation maintenance and maintenance management measures, reducing the elevator failure rate, and prolonging the service life of the elevator, it is also the embodiment of the elevator energy-saving management measures.