Preparations For China Home Elevator Before Installation

Summary:The quality of elevator installation shall comply with relevant national standards such as elevator installation accepta...

The quality of elevator installation shall comply with relevant national standards such as elevator installation acceptance specifications. The installation of the elevator should be in accordance with the instructions, combined with the technical requirements of the product accompanying documents, to formulate a construction plan; let's take a look at the preparations for China Home Elevator before installation:

1. Personnel organization. Generally, there are three to four people who form an installation team. The elevator workers must receive technical training and safety technical training, and pass the examination of relevant departments. Develop a work plan with clear requirements.

2. Data review. The person in charge of the construction site should check the width of the hoistway, the depth of the bottom pit, the height of the top floor, the number of floors and the opening method, the verticality of the hoistway, the dimensions of the hoistway of each layer, the position of the reserved holes and the pre-embedded iron, and the machine room according to the technical data provided. size, the relative position of the machine room, and the hoistway.

3. Check the materials. After unpacking, check the materials according to the elevator packing list. If there are missing parts, wrong parts, and damaged parts, the relevant departments of the manufacturer should be notified in time within one week. The stacking of materials should be determined according to the installation process and the specific construction plan. The stacking level should be easy to access, and the placement should be neat and stable. Oil dangerous goods should be kept by special personnel.

4. Check the civil construction size of the well, machine room, and floor door. Check the size and on-site construction conditions to facilitate the smooth progress of the construction.

5. Check the tool. All necessary tools and equipment should be thoroughly inspected before construction.

6. Set up scaffolding. Determine the form of scaffolding according to the size of the car and the position of the counterweight. There are two types of scaffolding: bamboo poles and steel pipes. Regardless of the material, the stability and sufficient bearing capacity of the scaffold must be ensured. Each level of scaffolding beam must be placed with more than two wooden boards, and both ends should be fastened to the beams. Requirement: Scaffolding is located to facilitate construction work.