Pay attention to daily management of the elevator


For the elevator management personnel, fundamentally do […]

For the elevator management personnel, fundamentally do a good job in elevator management to prevent various types of elevator accidents. It is not enough to achieve the above seven points. We must pay attention to all aspects, especially in daily management, which are easily overlooked or ignored. Some misconceptions such as:

1.Elevator maintenance is only inspection, testing and maintenance, and cleaning is not important;

2.Elevator is professional technology, property personnel do not understand;

3.Elevators have been entrusted to the maintenance of professional elevator companies, there are maintenance on site, and the property personnel are not professional, so there is no need to configure professionals to increase labor costs;

4.Daily maintenance only focuses on large parts, ignoring small parts, such as switch contacts;

5.Technicians are difficult to recruit, do not dare to control the phenomenon. It is precisely because of these misunderstandings that these have formed hidden management loopholes and buried hidden dangers for elevator safety.

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