Passenger Elevator Factory Shares How To Use The Elevator Properly

Summary:An elevator is a tool that helps people save time and then reach a designated floor in a short time. The elevator uses t...

An elevator is a tool that helps people save time and then reach a designated floor in a short time. The elevator uses the vertical principle to operate, but in the process of use, it will inevitably encounter the problem that the elevator will suddenly drop, so why does this problem occur? What causes this problem to occur, let's explore the principle behind the Passenger Elevator Factory .

  1. When the elevator suddenly falls down, don't mess with your feet. The solution is to quickly press the button on each floor. This will help prevent the elevator from falling down quickly. If you are lucky, The elevator may stop this terrible madness of falling on a certain floor.
  2. When the elevator has a falling problem, you should stand straight against the inner wall of the elevator with your entire back and head in a straight line. Hold the handle in the elevator tightly with one hand, and then remember that your knees must be in a bent posture and rely on the curved double Feet can slow down the impact force generated after the elevator falls, and prevent the whole body from being broken due to the elevator falling, which cannot be treated.
  3. When the elevator fails, do not stomp or retake the elevator door and elevator inner wall, because the elevator is only stuck in a certain position or there is a mechanical failure during operation. Gravitational vibration of the elevator may cause the steel wire rope to suddenly loose. It may also lead to accidental damage to the locking parts of the motor, with more terrible consequences. The correct method is to find ways to find help.
  4. If you are lucky and the elevator has stopped the crazy free-fall movement, you can call the elevator company for help based on the 24-hour emergency rescue phone of the elevator electric announcement, or simply call the local 119 fire phone for help from the fire brigade, but you should give the firefighters the correct address and location in detail to minimize the time you spend in unsafe elevators.
  5. The elevator encounters a sudden power failure. Elevators usually have emergency backup power, but there is a time lag when the elevator automatically starts the emergency power. When the emergency power is activated, the elevator may immediately stop falling. At this time, the correct Self-protection postures may prevent falls due to an unstable center of gravity, as well as problems such as spinal injuries.
  6. If it is unfortunate that the elevator has been doing free fall, in addition to teaching your self-protection methods, if you are still calm, you can do the last prayer in life. If God passed by and just heard your prayer, and your Prayer is sincere enough, and God may just wave your hand slightly to save you from the suffering of fear, but the chance of such luck is basically not there.