Passenger Elevator Factory Shares How To Take The Elevator Safely During The Outbreak


During the epidemic, elevators were still running as an […]

During the epidemic, elevators were still running as an important tool for people to protect and travel. However, the internal space of the elevator is small, there are many passengers, and it is easy to be polluted. While elevator people fulfill their social responsibilities, how should we protect ourselves and be responsible to others? Passenger Elevator Factory introduces how to ride the elevator safely and orderly?


1. First of all, elevator users should pay close attention to the health of passengers, have a need for heating personnel (such as hospitals), and if conditions permit, a dedicated elevator for heating personnel can be independently set up and the maintenance of the elevator should be strengthened And control.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene, reduce travel as much as possible during the epidemic, reduce the frequency of taking elevators, and passengers on lower floors can choose to use stairs.

3. Strengthen self-prevention, and do not remove the mask during the elevator ride. Carry toilet paper (gloves) with you, you can press the elevator button across the toilet paper (gloves). Dispose of toilet paper (gloves) properly after use.

4. While waiting for the elevator, stand on both sides of the hall door, not too close to the hall door, and do not face-to-face contact with passengers coming out of the elevator car. After passengers walk out of the car, press and hold the button outside the elevator hall to prevent the elevator from closing the door, wait a moment before entering the elevator.

5. Try to avoid taking the elevator with many strangers, passengers with enough time can wait patiently for the next elevator.

6. Try not to use the elevator to carry items, and reduce the contact between the personal items and the elevator car.

7. Wash and disinfect hands in time after taking the elevator.

During the epidemic, it is not easy for elevator maintenance staff to maintain the elevator, and the workload is relatively large.

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