Passenger Elevator Factory Shares How To Deal With Trapped Elevators

Summary:With the increasing number of installed elevators in old buildings, accidents such as trapped people from time to time h...

With the increasing number of installed elevators in old buildings, accidents such as trapped people from time to time have also caused the society to pay attention to the safety of installed elevators, and also sounded the alarm for us. What should you do when the elevator breaks down and you are trapped inside? Next,   Passenger Elevator Factory  will tell you how to handle this situation normally.

1. Keep calm:

In most cases, passengers are trapped in the car due to the power failure or failure of the elevator. At this time, the elevator car is stuck between the upper and lower floors. The space in the car is small and passengers are unfamiliar with each other, which is easy to produce fear. At this time, the most important thing is to keep calm, don't panic, and trapped passengers should comfort each other.

2. Button for help:

When trapped in the elevator car, passengers should immediately press the alarm button or intercom button in the car for help, and get in touch with the property management and elevator maintenance personnel as soon as possible. You can also use the portable telephone to call the rescue phone posted in the elevator to report the failure Elevator location and brief on-site situation. If there is a power outage, or there is no signal from the mobile phone in the elevator, please keep calm, keep your strength, and wait for help when facing this situation.

After getting in touch with the rescuers, just wait patiently to take care of the old and weak women and children in the car. Normally, the Singling Elevator required rescuers to arrive at the scene within 30 minutes.

In the case of helplessness, the most important way is to stay calm, save energy, and wait for rescue. When you hear someone outside, you can continuously tap the car door to call for help in rhythm.

3. It is forbidden to shoot the door

At the same time, discourage others from trying to escape by slamming the door or slamming the door. The elevator rescue needs professionals or the fire brigade. Try not to rescue it without permission. If it is dangerous to force the door, it is easy to cause personal injury. In addition, because the trapped people don't know the floor position they were in when the elevator stopped, blindly opening the elevator doors may also fall into the elevator shaft.