Passenger Elevator Factory Introduces The Working Principle Of Small Elevators


With the high standard of living, many villas have inst […]

With the high standard of living, many villas have installed small elevators, so today Passenger Elevator Factory will introduce the working principle of small elevators:


The operation of small domestic hydraulic elevators is divided into rising and falling. When the elevator is sliding down, the valve group is opened, and the pressure difference generated by the weight of the elevator car makes the gear oil return to the hydraulic oil filter element so that the elevator car slides down. At this time, the electric hydraulic pump is not laborious.


When a small domestic elevator rises, the electric hydraulic pump will produce a driving force pressure difference. The valve group in the hydraulic transmission system controls the total amount of gear oil in the pump. When the gear oil enters the main cylinder oil cavity, the gear oil will promote the oil The plunger pump in the cylinder lifts the elevator.


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