Passenger Elevator Factory Introduces The Precautions Of Elevator Use


It is very common for elevators to be integrated into l […]

It is very common for elevators to be integrated into life. So in the face of popular life tools such as elevators, how should we use them correctly? Let’s follow Passenger Elevator Factory to take a look at the precautions for elevator use:

1. Follow the elevator maintenance safety operation regulations, elevator maintenance safety regulations, and elevator operators safety operation regulations. Professional training, work with a certificate.

2. Familiar with electric shock first aid methods; master fire prevention knowledge and common sense of fire fighting; master emergency handling of emergencies; master methods to rescue trapped passengers when the elevator fails and stops.

3. Attention should be paid when the elevator is running on the elevator:
① If you must leave the car, stop the car at the base station, turn off the power switch in the car, and close the hall door.
② The carrying capacity of the car should not exceed the rated load of the elevator.
③It is strictly forbidden to use the inspection speed as normal driving when the hall and car are open.
④ Advise passengers not to lean on the car door.
⑤Don't change direction suddenly when driving; if necessary, stop the car first, then change direction to start.

4. When the elevator is running, a sudden loss of control occurs. The elevator operator must tell the passengers to lift their heels, use their toes to support the weight of the whole body, squat, and hold the car with hands to prevent the car from hitting the top or the bottom. Casualties.

5. Under conditions, the elevator landing door should be equipped with a safety alarm system, and a communication and contact device with the outside world should be installed in the elevator to ensure that passengers are always in a safe space.


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