Passenger Elevator Factory Introduces The Daily Use Skills Of Elevators

Summary: Elevators are mainly composed of tractors (winches), guide rails, mass devices, safety devices (such as limiters, safet...

Elevators are mainly composed of tractors (winches), guide rails, mass devices, safety devices (such as limiters, safety gears, buffers, etc.), signal operating systems, cars, hearings, etc. These parts are respectively set up in the well and the engine room of the building. Generally, steel wire rope friction transmission is used. The wire rope goes around the traction wheel, and the two ends are respectively connected to the car for balance, and the motor drives the traction wheel to lift the car.


Elevators need to be safe and reliable, have high transportation efficiency, accurate leveling, and comfortable riding. The basic parameters of the elevator mainly include the rated load, the number of boarding ships, the rated speed, the size of the outer contour of the car, and the type of hoistway. Manned elevators are all intelligent and automated equipment controlled by microcomputers, and the elevator structure does not require special manpower to operate the internal structure diagram of the elevator. Ordinary passengers only need to follow the procedures below to take the elevator. Next, Passenger Elevator Factory introduces the daily use skills of elevators.


1. At the elevator entrance on the stairs press the up or down arrow button according to your upward or downward needs. After the button is lit, the call will be recorded, just wait until the elevator arrives.

2. After the elevator is opened, let the people inside the car leave the elevator first, then call the escalator, and then enter the elevator car. After entering the car, press the corresponding number button on the control panel of the car according to the floor you want to reach. Similarly, as long as this button is turned on, you can see that your selection layer is recorded. No other operations are required at this time, just wait for the elevator to reach your destination floor.

3. When the elevator reaches your destination floor, the door will be opened automatically. At this time, you will get out of the elevator in order to complete the process of getting on the ladder.