Passenger Elevator Factory Introduces How To Design Elevators


Household elevators are different from conventional off […]

Household elevators are different from conventional office elevators in that they have special requirements in terms of use environment and purpose. In addition to meeting the requirements of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, and comfort, the design of home elevators also has some special requirements that need attention. Below, Passenger Elevator Factory designs from the following 4 aspects:


1. Small footprint. There are not many people living in villas or private residences. The floor space requirements for home elevators should meet the requirements for daily use. The smaller the floor space, the better the house space.


2. Low noise. The noise generated during the operation of the elevator will affect people's daily life and sleep quality. Being exposed to the noise for a long time will cause adverse conditions such as mental failure and endanger the health of the body.


3. Access wired network and wireless network. Connect the wired network and wireless network equipment in the home elevator car. When the elevator is trapped and there is no one in the home, you can call the outside world in time through the phone and the Internet of Things equipment.


4. Be trapped and save yourself. When one person rides on a home elevator, the elevator stops due to malfunction or power failure, and when there is no one in the house, the passengers can use the trapped self-rescue device or emergency power-off protection device to achieve safe self-help.

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