Passenger Elevator Factory Explains How To Properly Clean An Elevator

Summary:Many high-rise buildings are now equipped with elevators. As an important travel tool, elevators should pay more attenti...

Many high-rise buildings are now equipped with elevators. As an important travel tool, elevators should pay more attention to safety when using them during the epidemic. The elevator has small space and many passengers and is easily polluted. Therefore, the elevator car and internal and external buttons, and other key parts that are in direct contact with the human body should be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day. Hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, stations, residential quarters, and other places with dense personnel flow should increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection according to the actual situation to effectively ensure the safe and effective operation of elevators during the epidemic. Below, Passenger Elevator Factory introduces the correct use of elevators during the epidemic:

1. Pay attention to personal hygiene, minimize travel during the epidemic, and reduce the frequency of taking elevators, so passengers on lower floors can walk by stairs.

2. Strengthen self-prevention and do not remove the mask during the elevator ride. Carry toilet paper (gloves) with you, and press the elevator button through the toilet paper (gloves). Dispose of toilet paper (gloves) properly after use.

3. Stand on both sides of the hall door when waiting for the elevator, do not get too close to the hall door, and do not face-to-face contact with passengers coming out of the elevator car. After the passengers get out of the car, press and hold the button outside the elevator hall to prevent the elevator from closing the door, and wait for a while before entering the elevator.

4. Try to avoid taking the elevator with many strangers. Passengers with plenty of time can wait patiently for the next elevator.

5. Try not to use the elevator to carry items, and reduce the contact between your personal items and the elevator car.

6. After taking the elevator, wash your hands and disinfect in time.

7. During the epidemic, it is not easy for elevator maintenance personnel to maintain elevators, and the workload is large. Passengers are requested to take good care of the elevator, take care of the elderly and children, and do not kick, kick or damage the elevator.