Observation Elevators Suppliers Share Elevator Installation Method

Summary:With the development of urban construction, elevators have become an indispensable means of transportation in people's d...

With the development of urban construction, elevators have become an indispensable means of transportation in people's daily lives. It has a great impact on people's production, life, work and even personal safety. The installation and supervision of the elevator are the first and most important link to ensure the quality of the elevator. In the R & D and design work, the installation of elevators is closely related to the majors of architecture, structure, electromechanics and so on. Today, Observation Elevators suppliers share the whole process of elevator installation for everyone, hoping to have a new understanding of everyone's elevator.

First, lift the cargo to the construction site, and then transport it to the location where the elevator needs to be installed. You can see the empty hoistway. Special care must be taken during installation. Be careful of installation accidents, so the installers should wear safe clothing to install.

Then install a section of track, install the lower beam, install the column, install the bottom plate, install the upper beam, and pulley. Every step of installation needs to be carefully checked to avoid leaks, which will cause future elevator accidents. Remember to carefully install to avoid accidents. occur.

Then install a temporary springboard to facilitate the installation of the track, machine room openings, installation of the mainframe, installation of the control cabinet, hanging assembly heavy racks, installation of steel wires, and the installation of the steel wires of the mainframe. When this step is reached, the previous installation work is very smooth.

After adding more steel wires and accompanying cables to the hoistway, the operating panel can be installed to start the elevator. To install the main rail and auxiliary rail, a hoist must be installed to lift the track. The main rail installation is punched first (the civil construction of the housing shaft is relatively rough), the base code is installed, and the mounting bracket is calibrated with a calibration ruler (the self-made calibration ruler is rough but very accurate). The welding main rail is calibrated. Install the previous section. The main and auxiliary tracks are punched. Bottom code of sub-rail, bracket installation, calibration, and welding, hard work finally calculated the top of the main and sub-rail.

Finally, the accompanying cable card is installed to the top, the well of the track is installed, the counterweight frame, door, and frame are assembled. Install the door, open the call elevator hole, install the call elevator board, and install the car. The first step is to lift the car, put the car wall outside the shaft, move to the car bottom to assemble the car wall, the car top falls, and the car wall is calibrated. , The car is installed, the door machine is installed

After all the steps are completed, go to check if there is any missing installation, and then make timely remedies. This installation process is the correct installation of the elevator.