Observation Elevators Manufacturers Share Knowledge Of Using Elevators

Summary: Observation Elevators Manufacturer will discuss whether the elevator is safe. There is another question behind this que...

Observation Elevators Manufacturer will discuss whether the elevator is safe. There is another question behind this question: Do you really understand the elevator? In fact, the elevator is not what everyone imagines, only a cable is used to pull up and down. The elevator has many special devices, such as a traction machine, counterweight, safety gear, speed limiter, buffer, protection, and so on. These safety devices can make the elevator stop firmly in the event of power failure, failure, and even the cable is cut, and it will never fall as freely as you think.

The traction passenger elevator is usually called a straight elevator, which is composed of four parts: machine room, shaft, and pit, car, and landing. It can be divided into eight major systems such as traction system, guidance system, car, door system, weight balance system, electric drag system, electrical control system, safety protection system, etc. Among them, only the safety protection system includes dozens of electrical, Mechanical safety protection devices.

If there is any abnormality during the operation, the first reaction of the elevator will be to stop the operation, and the abnormality will not be allowed to continue. If the elevator is overloaded, the weight balance system will alarm and stop the elevator operation; if the electrical control system or the traction system fails, the car The mechanical safety protection system such as car slide, punching, speed limiter, safety gear, etc. will trigger the elevator car to be stuck on the track; if there are foreign objects in the elevator hall door, the safety circuit safety protection system will trigger to stop the elevator; if If the elevator car door light curtain or safety touch panel fails, the safety circuit protection system will be triggered to stop the elevator.

The machine room, pit, and shaft environment of the elevator also affect the use of the elevator. If the temperature of the machine room cannot be maintained at 5-40 ℃, or the pit and shaft are wet and have water accumulation, the safety protection system will also be triggered to stop the elevator run.

The failures we usually encounter are sleepy people and other emergencies. In fact, most of the elevator safety protection system is in effect and is a kind of safety protection for the passengers. So when you are protected by the elevator, you should first keep calm Then call the rescue, instead of pulling out the door because of fear, or even excited.