Observation Elevators Manufacturers Share Elevator Car Protection

Summary:Today's epidemic is still repeated, so we should pay more attention when using elevators. The following are Observation ...

Today's epidemic is still repeated, so we should pay more attention when using elevators. The following are Observation Elevators manufacturers to share elevator car protection measures:


1. Ventilation

For elevators with ventilation fans installed in the car, the ventilation fans should be kept on for a long time. If there is no elevator installed with ventilation fan in the car, it can be combined with disinfection, and the car door should be opened regularly for ventilation. Each ventilation time should be no less than 10 minutes.

2. Disinfection

Disinfection work should be carried out by trained personnel with certain knowledge of disinfection, accompanied by elevator maintenance personnel. Workers should wear work clothes, gloves, work shoes, masks, hats, and goggles if necessary. And prepare disinfection medicine equipment and articles, clean rags, watering cans, warning signs, mops, etc. Before starting disinfection, the elevator should be stopped and warning signs should be set. Thoroughly clean the elevator and then disinfect it. If ultraviolet disinfection is used, the car door should be closed and the car should be exposed to ultraviolet light for not less than half an hour. If using disinfectant, clean the cloth with a rag to remove the poison, then wipe the button panel, handrail and other frequent contact parts of passengers. Hall door, car wall and other parts can be sprayed and smeared with a small amount of watering can. After the disinfection effect reaches the specified time, wring out the wet rag and wipe the button panel and other parts to avoid the disinfection solution corroding the elevator electronic components. Wet cloth can be used to remove disinfectant in other parts to avoid the residual disinfectant causing harm to human body. After the disinfection is completed, the normal operation of the elevator is resumed, the warning sign is taken back, the tools are brought back, and the elevator cleaning and disinfection records are made. Workers take off protective equipment, put them in bags and take them back for disposal.

During the pneumonia epidemic, local disinfection (such as elevator key panel) and full disinfection can be used alternately. If a confirmed or suspected case is used in an elevator, the elevator shall be stopped immediately, and shall be handled in accordance with the requirements of the health and epidemic prevention department.