Observation Elevators Manufacturer Shares Disinfection Methods For Household Elevators


Many people feel that they should pay attention to prev […]

Many people feel that they should pay attention to preventing new coronary pneumonia when taking an elevator outside. In fact, they should regularly disinfect many elevators at home and pay attention to preventing new coronary pneumonia.


When the current new coronary pneumonia has not completely cleared the alarm, you can't take it lightly when using a home elevator. People may attach some bacteria and viruses to their clothes, shoes and hats after returning home. Regular disinfection is very necessary. Follow the Observation Elevators Manufacturer to see how to properly disinfect the elevator.


Friends who have alcohol at home can use 75% alcohol to spray and wipe home elevators. Or use 84 disinfectant to spray and disinfect the elevator buttons, handrails, ground and bridge cabin.In addition to disinfecting home elevators, everyone should take good protection when taking public elevators when they go out:


1. Residents should wear masks when entering the elevator to minimize contact with the surface of the elevator, as well as rubbing their eyes and picking their noses. Use disposable disinfectants for hand disinfection if necessary.


2. Try not to communicate with people in the car when taking the elevator. When the car has more people, try to take the next elevator to reduce the number of people taking the elevator and reduce the probability of infection. Residents on lower floors should use stairs or escalators as much as possible, and take fewer elevators.


3. Disinfect the elevator car, car door, landing door and other parts every day, especially the internal and external call buttons to be touched by hand. The frequency of disinfection is determined according to the frequency of elevator use and the number of occupants, and is disinfected at any time when there is pollution or obvious stains.

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