Observation Elevators Manufacturer Introduces What Is Elevator Speed Limiter?


Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces what is e […]

Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces what is elevator speed limiter?


The elevator speed limiter monitors and controls the speed of the car at any time. When an overspeed occurs, that is, 115% of the rated speed of the elevator, it can send a signal in time, and then generate a mechanical action to cut off the power supply circuit and brake the traction machine.

If the elevator still cannot brake, the safety gear installed at the bottom of the car will force the car to stop. The speed limiter is the commander, and the safety gear is the executor. The combination of the two has led to the emergence of the safety elevator.

The speed limiter safety gear system is an essential safety device for elevators. When the elevator overspeeds, runs out of control or the suspension device breaks, the speed limiter safety gear device quickly stops the elevator car on the guide rail and keeps it in a static state. Avoid casualties and equipment damage accidents.

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