Observation Elevators Manufacturer Introduces The Inspection Process Of Home Elevators


Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces the inspe […]

Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces the inspection items and maintenance steps of home elevators. It is necessary to inspect home elevators regularly. Then the inspection items are as follows:

1. Door lock device (for pull door)

2. Electrical safety device;

3. Grounding continuity;

4. Support and suspension system;

5. Drive device and brake;

6. Devices to prevent free fall and Overspeed descent, such as speed limiter and safety gear;

7. Alarm system;

8. Door protection device (such as safety touch panel and light curtain);

9. Inspection of the inner surface of the hoistway (such as distance, surface and sharp edges);

10. Rails and guide shoes;

11. Lighting and emergency lighting;

12. Emergency operation device.

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