Observation Elevators Manufacturer Introduces The Importance Of Regular Elevator Maintenance


Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces the matte […]

Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces the matters needing attention in elevator maintenance:


1. Pay attention to the inspection of the touch panel or light curtain type touch panel switch line of the home elevator, because the frequency of the elevator door opening and closing is high, which will damage the switch line.


2. Maintenance of home elevator hall doors and car doors. Elevator failures are usually on the elevator hall door and car door. First, refuel at the refueling place on the upper sill of the door and keep it well lubricated. The elevator will not make unpleasant noises during operation and when the door is opened.


3. Cleaning and lubricating the guide shoes of the home elevator car. Everyone knows that the guide shoe runs on the guide rail. There is an oil cup on the guide shoe. If the elevator does not produce frictional noise during operation, it is necessary to regularly refuel the oil cup and clean the guide shoes, and clean the car.


4. The traction machine of the elevator needs oil lubrication. If you do not refuel, the elevator will not get good lubrication for a long time, which will cause the elevator traction machine and motor to burn. After the elevator runs for a long time, the oil should be replaced in time to keep the traction machine clean and well lubricated.

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