Observation Elevators Manufacturer Introduces Elevator Selection Criteria

Summary:Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces elevator selection criteria: 1. Reference conditions when choosing an elev...

Observation Elevators Manufacturer introduces elevator selection criteria:

1. Reference conditions when choosing an elevator
The first thing to consider is how many elevators should be selected. It is well known that the greater the number of elevators, the greater the ability to transport and carry loads between high-rise buildings, and the shorter the waiting time for passengers and the time to reach the destination floor. However, this does not mean that the more elevators the better. The number of elevators determines the cost that the developer needs to invest and the cost of routine maintenance. Therefore, the actual use of the high-rise building and the expected flow of people in the building should be fully considered when choosing an elevator. Only in this way can we ensure that the elevator can be fully used, which not only meets people's daily needs for going up and down the stairs and carrying goods but also effectively reduces the operating cost of the elevator.

2. Elevator selection method
First of all, it is necessary to estimate the range of people in high-rise buildings and calculate the actual traffic scale of high-rise buildings according to the per capita use area. Then it is necessary to estimate the concentration rate of the passenger flow that needs to use elevators after the building is put into use. Of course, you also need to calculate the total number of people who need to use the elevator. When choosing the way to control the operation of the elevator, it is necessary to analyze the actual use conditions of the high-rise building and then select various control methods such as parallel connection, group control, single-segment, double-deck, and collective selection.

3. General principles of elevator selection
The pace of life in today's cities has accelerated significantly, so it is necessary to satisfy passengers that there is always an elevator to ride. That is to say, when a certain elevator fails, other elevators can be used to transport passengers to the corresponding floor. For developers, the initial investment should not be too high. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors when selecting an elevator, and then make a safe, reliable, convenient, and economical plan.