Maintenance Tips For China Passenger Elevator


Today's elevator usage is getting higher and higher. Fa […]

Today's elevator usage is getting higher and higher. Faced with this situation, people are familiar and unfamiliar with tools such as elevators, so today we will take a look at the maintenance skills of China Passenger Elevator .


  1. If you want to use the triangular key to open the hall door, please be sure to check the position of the car, and don't think that the elevator must be located at any position.
  2. Open the lobby door to enter the car roof. The door cannot be closed immediately. First, place the maintenance switch in the maintenance position. Press the emergency stop switch to turn on the car roof light.
  3. After getting out of the top of the car, first open the lobby door, then reset the car top maintenance switch, emergency stop switch, lighting switch, etc., and close the door after arriving at the lobby.
  4. On the top of the car, in case of loss of control, to keep calm, you should be able to grasp things tightly, squat in a safe place, and not try to open the door.
  5. When working in the maintenance area, turn off the safety switch in the maintenance area check box. When climbing out of the maintenance area, make sure that the door is open. Only connect to the maintenance area of the safety circuit, and then quickly climb out of the maintenance area.
  6. If the door must be shorted to check the elevator door lock failure, please make sure that the elevator is under maintenance. After the inspection, be sure to disconnect the door before resetting the elevator to a normal state.
  7. Use an emergency device to check the elevator. When using the emergency switch, make sure that the door is closed to prevent others from falling into the hoistway.
  8. When it is necessary to cut off the power to maintain the elevator, the warning sign of "Someone is prohibited to close" should be hung. When operating or using power tools, do something to prevent electric shock.


In addition, HUZHOU FUJI ELEVATOR CO.,LTD.Will correctly perform the above steps when maintaining the elevator, which not only guarantees the safety of the maintenance staff but also the safety of the user

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