It is important to strengthen the elevator environment


As with humans, equipment also requires a clean working […]

As with humans, equipment also requires a clean working environment, so it is important to strengthen the equipment environment and the cleanliness of the components.

1.The equipment (or parts) is dusty for a long time, and the water and dust combine to form stains, which will rust the surface of the equipment and damage the equipment;

2.The control cabinet is not clean for a long time, and it is easy to accumulate dust. Most of the control cabinets are electronic and electrical components, especially integrated circuits. The structure is tight, the interval between the lines is narrow, and the combination of dust and water is bound to cause short circuit. In turn, affecting the normal operation of the equipment;

3.The contact performance of the switch contacts directly affects each step of the device control, so the dust and stains on the switch contacts must be cleaned regularly;

4.Strengthen the cleaning of the elevator machine room, and do the dust, moisture, ventilation and dehumidification treatment of the machine room;

5.Regularly clean the dust and sand from the upper and lower door slots of the elevator;

6.For the safety spare parts of the elevator, strengthen the dustproof, moisture-proof and rust-proof treatment, such as the buffer should clean the dust, apply the anti-rust oil (or butter), and then install the dust-proof jacket;

7.Formulate the single maintenance time of the elevator, according to the number of elevators “floor/station/door”, combined with the time required for the actual maintenance of one layer (about 3 to 5 minutes), formulate a single time standard for similar elevators, and stipulate a single elevator order. Maintenance time must not be lower than the standard time.

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