How to prevent people from falling into the elevator shaft


In recent years, with the rapid development of elevator […]

In recent years, with the rapid development of elevators, elevator accidents have occurred more and more. Among them, accidents such as falling from the door of the door to the elevator shaft have occurred. This paper prevents several people from falling into the elevator shaft. The summary is as follows:

1. Blocking at the door and door of the hoistway hall before the installation of the elevator: After the completion of the civil works, the rigid gates should be used to block the door openings of the various layers before the elevator is installed. At the same time, the signs are marked and marked with the similarity of “lifting hoistway danger”. Be careful to drop the words to prevent the site personnel from accidentally falling into the elevator shaft before the elevator landing door is constructed.

2. Standard installation of the elevator sill on the elevator door: When installing the elevator landing door, the elevator sill is generally fixed with the expansion bolt on the hoistway wall of the elevator. The expansion bolt is the main force point for bearing the weight of the elevator landing door. Therefore, the size of the fixing bolt, the depth of the inserted hoistway wall, the verticality with the hoistway wall, and the tightening of the nut spring pad should meet the corresponding requirements in the elevator installation manual. Otherwise, if the sill on the landing door is unreliable, the landing door The sealing effect will be difficult to guarantee. This link is mainly to control the installation of the landing door.

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