How to install a home villa elevator

Summary:Villa elevators meet people's needs for high-quality living, fast, safe and comfortable to reach all floors of the home,...

Villa elevators meet people's needs for high-quality living, fast, safe and comfortable to reach all floors of the home, while enjoying the fun of technology for residential life. The location of the home elevator installation is critical. On the basis of not destroying the main structure as much as possible, choose a convenient and beautiful location. The common middle position of the stairs and the elevator shaft and the external elevator are built around the stairs.

1. Add counterweight safety gear and speed limiter to the original configuration of the home villa elevator. The function of the safety tongs is to ensure that the elevator will brake the same brake as the bicycle after the specified speed is exceeded. For example, the operating speed of the elevator elevator is 0.4m/s. When the speed exceeds 0.6m/s, the safety gear is used. Will brake the elevator.

Usually, the independent household elevator only has no safety clamps for the car safety clamps, but because the counterweights of the elevators (cross-level) villas are also ordinary slabs under the counterweight orientation, we will add counterweight safety tongs to ensure the elevator car. The car and the counterweight will not fall to the floor even if they fall under a slight chance.

2. the solution to the pit of the home villa elevator. It is irresponsible for many small factories to reduce customer's demand and reduce the installation of the buffer. However, the virtual lifting of the pit is too deep and it is not convenient to get on and off the elevator. Therefore, we usually adopt the smaller pit method of bumper inversion, generally 300mm, so that the practice of the floor slab after laying the tiles and floor heating is only about 200mm, which is equivalent to one step, and can directly enter the elevator from the ground, or Make a small slope for wheelchairs and baby carriages.

3.the home villa elevator on the traction machine and control cabinet, these two equipment is the first part of the elevator to make sound, many customers mistakenly think that the sound will be very large, in fact, even in the well test the sound decibel is only about 50, also If the noise standard is not reached, the sound will be smaller after the shaft is closed.