How to ensure the safety of villa home elevators

Summary:When we take the ordinary elevator, we always hear that the elevator needs annual inspection. Then, as a villa elevator,...

When we take the ordinary elevator, we always hear that the elevator needs annual inspection. Then, as a villa elevator, does the villa elevator need annual inspection?

Installed in a private home, only for elevators used by single family members, no inspection required. However, from the point of view of safe use, unless you know the elevator very well, it is recommended to have the elevator inspection unit authorized by the special equipment supervision department to carry out inspection.

The annual inspection fee of the elevator is determined by factors such as data review, model specifications (ie, tonnage, landing), number of re-inspections after rectification of the elevator, use environment, inspection time, speed limiter verification, etc. The situation of each elevator is different. The amount of the charge will be different.

How to ensure the safety of villa home elevators?

First of all, in the aspect of supervision and management, relevant management policies should be formulated and relevant departments should intervene in supervision. Without rules and regulations, the relevant links in the industrial chain manufacturing, installation and maintenance industries must strictly abide by relevant regulations and implement a unified set of standards like commercial elevators.

Secondly, when purchasing a home elevator, don't just use price as a reference factor. Buying a big brand is more reliable! The development of first-line brands is relatively mature, and it is more secure in all aspects of elevator manufacturing technology, installation, and post-maintenance maintenance. Don't spend a lot of money to solve various troubles in the future in order to save money at the current stage.

Third, regular maintenance. Home elevators don't need annual inspection now, but it doesn't mean you can leave it alone. Any machine will have some minor problems after using it for a period of time. Regular maintenance is to confirm the safety of the elevator and whether it can continue to operate and repair it. Possible faults to ensure safe use of the elevator. When installing a home elevator, you should sign a maintenance contract with the brand or the agent, and the maintenance and inspection of the elevator should be carried out by the professional on a regular basis.

Finally, it is the problem of personal use, and the safer things are also prone to problems when used improperly. There are two most common mistakes: one is overload, and the load exceeds the maximum load capacity of the home elevator. Although most of the home elevators are designed with overload protection, it does not rule out the failure of the device; Tuen Mun, this is what it means to take an elevator or subway outside. Always keep in mind that home elevators are for convenience, and the first principle of convenience is safety.