How long is the delivery time of the home elevator


After purchasing a home elevator, there will be a deliv […]

After purchasing a home elevator, there will be a delivery process. Many people are not sure about the time, so how long is the delivery time of the home elevator? Let's follow this article together to find out.

The factory produces according to the size and color you choose. Each home elevator is rigorously tested before leaving the factory, and the delivery time is about 6-7 months.

How long is the life of a home elevator?

Generally 15 years should be scrapped.

1. Elevators that meet one of the following conditions shall be scrapped:

(1) If the building is designed with only one elevator (no spare ladder), the use time is 15 years; there are spare ladders for 18 years;

(2) It has been ordered by the national industry authorities to stop production, and the operation time has exceeded 15 years;

(3) The main engine and other main supporting parts are seriously worn out, and the equipment has been overhauled more than three times. The investment cost of the re-maintenance project exceeds the depreciation value of the equipment;

2. For residential elevators that meet one of the following conditions, the owner of the elevator shall apply to the local special equipment testing center or the local housing equipment inspection and testing center and the National Elevator Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for identification to determine whether it is necessary to scrap.

(1) There are serious defects in product quality or installation quality.

(2) Serious damage to the ladder equipment due to structural damage to the building or serious accidents in the elevator.

(3) The building has been seriously tilted or settled, causing the elevator to run in a direction greater than 15 in the vertical direction.

(4) The main mechanical components are seriously corroded, deformed or seriously aging and damaged by electrical equipment.

(5) Others cannot guarantee the basic conditions for safe operation.

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