How does an elevator operate

Summary:The traction drive of the elevator causes the elevator car and elevator counterweight to move up and down on the inner g...
The traction drive of the elevator causes the elevator car and elevator counterweight to move up and down on the inner guide rail of the elevator.
The two ends of the traction rope are respectively connected to the lift car and counterweight, wrapped around the traction wheel and guide wheel, and the traction motor passes through the reducer
By the friction force between the traction rope and the traction wheel, the traction wheel rotates after changing speed, causing the lift car to lift and balance its weight
Descending movement for transportation purposes. The guide shoes installed in the car can move along the firmware of the building's shaft wall
Determine the reciprocating lifting motion of the track to prevent the car from tilting or swaying during operation. Normally closed block brake on motor
When the elevator malfunctions, release the gate brake when passing, stop the lifting and lowering of the car, and maintain it at the designated landing station
Fixed devices for personnel and goods entry and exit. A lift car is a box component that transports passengers or other loads and can be reused.
Balance the cabin load and reduce motor power. In order to compensate for the changes in tension and weight when the traction rope moves, a compensation device is used,
Ensure stable load of the traction motor and accurate parking of the car. The power system controls the operation of elevators while,
Do a good job in layer selection, leveling, speed measurement, and lighting work. Tell the phone system to display the direction of car movement and the floor at any time
Layered positioning ensures the safety and safety of elevator operation.
Will the steel wire rope of the elevator break?
The steel wire rope of the elevator is specialized for elevators, and there are special regulations and requirements in the country. The construction of ropes is not just for load-bearing purposes
The lift car and rated load of the arm type elevator also consider the size of the traction force, so the tensile force of the steel wire rope is large
The load capacity is greater than that of an elevator, and its safety factor is above 12. Usually, an elevator is equipped with four or more steel wires
Ropes, in general, elevator steel wire ropes will not break at the same time. If made of steel, the safety factor of the elevator is very high
If the wire rope is broken, the elevator will stop using until the wire rope is replaced before it can be put into use.
Is there a danger of sudden power outage during elevator operation?
When encountering a sudden power outage or power interruption during elevator operation, the elevator will automatically stop running without any accidents
Dangerous goods insurance: Due to the electrical and mechanical safety devices of the elevator itself, once the power is cut off, the elevator brake will automatically brake
Damaged the elevator. In addition, if the power supply department has a power outage plan, they will notify in advance, and the elevator or park in advance
Stop running. After the power outage of the elevator, there is a safety clamp at the lower end of the car to clamp the guide rail and fix the car on the guide rail
Don't slide to one side. Some elevator control cabinets have emergency power supplies, and when a sudden power outage occurs, there are
The power is sufficient to transport the car to the floor and open the door to allow passengers to leave safely.