Have you not learned the basics of getting in and out and taking the elevator

Summary:This condition is not a malfunction before some passengers leave the elevator, but a reason to ensure elevator safety an...
This condition is not a malfunction before some passengers leave the elevator, but a reason to ensure elevator safety and improve operating efficiency

switch elevator doors

Most of the elevators in daily use are in the automatic state, and the elevator landing doors will automatically close after the time set by the control system

To close, you can also press the door close button ">|<" on the car control panel to make the car door start to close immediately, so as to realize early closing

door. The elevator starts running after the floor or car door is closed, and when the elevator reaches the destination floor, the floor or car door starts automatically


If it is necessary to delay the closing of the elevator landing doors, press the door opening button "<|>" on the control panel. Disable cabinet

The enclosure structure or enclosure blocks the floor, and the car door is closed, especially not blocking the standing between the floor and the car.

Landing doors and car doors to avoid personal injury.

When the elevator floor and the car door are closed, it is very dangerous to directly prevent the door from closing with hands and feet. Block elevators if necessary

The passenger door is at the landing, you can press the outside call button in the elevator running direction in the waiting hall; the passenger door is inside the car,

Press the door open button "<|>", the elevator will reopen, and the car will reopen. And directly block the door with hands, feet, etc.,

Although landing doors and car doors are usually automatically reopened under the action of safety protection devices (light curtains or safety touch panels),

When the elevator is in the blind area of the door system detection or the door system fails, it may cause harm to people.

3. Floor selection in the car

After selection, there is a car operation panel inside the car to indicate each floor, and the passenger entering the car presses the button of the destination floor

The button indicator light is on, and the button indicator light is on, indicating that the elevator control system has been registered. if passengers go

The target floor button is lit, no longer select, and no longer select the floor station button that cannot be moved. For light load anti-collision function

There are very few passengers in the elevator car, and the weight in the car is lower than the set value of the elevator control system.

When multiple target floors are selected (values can be adjusted in the control system), the elevator control system will eliminate all floor selection indicators

According to the order, passengers need to press the visual floor button again, which is not an elevator failure.

In addition, some elevators have the function of canceling the wrong command. If you choose the wrong floor in the car, press it again

There are several buttons on this floor (some elevators are long-pressed), and the button indicator light on this floor is off, indicating that the floor selection is cancelled.

4. Take the elevator

After entering the car, you should stand in the car without holding it by hand or leaning against the safety guard (or light curtain), so as not to affect the safety of the car.

When closing the car door, do not get too close to the car door, especially when passengers wear loose, dragging clothing (such as long skirts)

When the elevator car arrives at the station, the elevator floor number and the car door will be opened automatically, and the corresponding floor number will be displayed on the car control panel.

The button light will go out, and the barrier-free elevator will have a sound to remind passengers where the car stops.