Fujihsed Passenger Elevator Factory Tell Everyone Why Elevators Are Afraid Of Water


It is forbidden to dump dirty water or other liquids in […]

It is forbidden to dump dirty water or other liquids in the elevator, and some people think that the elevator shaft is empty, so they will sweep the water directly during cleaning.In fact, these are prohibited. The elevator and the entire elevator structure are afraid of water. Yes, the following Fujihsed
Passenger Elevator Factory  will tell you, why are passenger elevators afraid of water?

There are actually many mechanical components and electrical components installed on the car roof, car bottom and landing door sill of the passenger elevator, so if water flows in, it will not only rust the components, but also cause electrical components. Failure, which will cause elevator failure. Usually there are many wires and circuit boards on the car and landing door of the passenger elevator. If the elevator is flooded with water, it will also cause leakage, so it is easy to cause the danger of electric shock to passengers. It will cause very serious damage to the elevator control system, such as the computer board being burned.Therefore, the elevator is very afraid of water. If the elevator enters the water again, please cut off the power in time, treat the water clean, and then let It can only be used again after inspection and treatment by professional maintenance personnel.


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