Fujihsed China Home Elevator Selection Guide

Summary:Fujihsed China Home Elevator has gradually become a necessary vertical transportation for modern single-family, duplex, ...

Fujihsed China Home Elevator has gradually become a necessary vertical transportation for modern single-family, duplex, multi-storey, villa and other residences. It is practical and convenient, and it is a beautiful scenery in the home.

The focus of home elevators and ordinary public elevators is different, and some of the indicators have been greatly reduced. For example, the load of domestic elevators does not exceed 400kg, which is much lower than that of ordinary public elevators. Domestic elevators do not need to consider the problem of passenger flow. The speed is slower and the safety is guaranteed. The lifting speed is generally 0.3-0.4m / s, and the operation is stable.

Home elevators are different from public spaces. Considering the limited installation space, no dedicated hoistway, small lifting height and other factors, the design is more simple and compact, and the machine room is not necessary.

Factors to consider when choosing Fujihsed China Home Elevator :


Generally, brand elevators must be tested by a third party. Elevators that have been checked and accepted by professional organizations are safe, reliable, and safe to use. In addition, when choosing to purchase a villa elevator, it is important to understand the safety components and safety configuration of this elevator. The necessary safety configuration in the villa elevator is equipped with a backup power supply and an emergency outside call system to ensure the safety of private users.

The home elevator must be maintained regularly to confirm the safety of the elevator and whether it can continue to be used. By the way, repair the faults and hidden dangers found in it.

2.Civil Engineering

Different types of traction elevators, screw elevators, and hydraulic elevators have different requirements for civil construction. Common traction elevators need to occupy a certain amount of shaft space. Concrete shafts can also be used to make steel structure shafts and glass curtain walls to build sightseeing elevators. The depth of the bottom pit must be at least 50cm. The height of the top floor is also required.

If there is a reserved well in the villa, you can compare the width and depth of the car according to the dimensions, width, and depth of the well to choose the appropriate car model. If you don't have a reserved hoistway, you can choose the model of the elevator first, and build a new hoistway according to the reserved size space required by different models.


The total cost of installing a villa elevator includes a combination of equipment costs, civil construction costs, and installation costs. When customizing a home elevator, the construction and installation costs are also a cost that cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, traction and hydraulic installation and construction costs account for about 15-25% of the total cost.

According to different grades, different configurations, different performances, import and domestic production of villa elevators, the price difference will be very obvious.

4. Maintenance

When ordering home elevators, after the maintenance contract is signed, the professional maintenance personnel of the manufacturer need to regularly perform maintenance and inspection on the elevators. After the expiration of the free warranty period, regular maintenance and repair of the elevator is required every year. This part cannot be saved and is responsible for the safety of yourself and your family. Choosing a regular and reliable brand can guarantee the replacement of parts and maintenance materials in the later stage, which is more reliable and reliable.

5, appearance and operation

Villa elevator, as a private custom product used in high-end villa housing, must have higher requirements and pursuits in decoration design. The exterior shape of the hoistway or the frame shape of the sightseeing elevator, the interior decoration of the car, and the design of the control face are all aspects that will affect the overall style of the interior decoration. It is necessary to meet individual needs and match the decoration style. Take into account that security is not overly decorative.

In addition, pay attention to choosing whether the door opening method of the elevator is automatic door or pull door. The form of side-opening automatic door can save the building area to the greatest extent, make full use of the width of the hoistway as much as possible, and at the same time it can be used by the disabled and the elderly, which is more convenient.