Fujihsed China Bed Elevator Supplier Introduces Salient Features Of Medical Elevators

Summary:Generally, we can see elevators marked for medical elevators in hospitals, so what is the difference between this type o...

Generally, we can see elevators marked for medical elevators in hospitals, so what is the difference between this type of elevators and ordinary elevators? Let's take a look at the unique advantages of medical elevators with Fujihsed China bed elevator supplier . and reliability

The 32-bit high-performance CPU improves the reliability and anti-interference of the system.

Independent CAN communication greatly improves the real-time performance and stability of the call.

The special medical elevator emergency device protects the elevator power grid from failure, the control system fails, and prevents elevator accidents.


2.Energy saving and environmental protection

The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine with superior performance consumes 40% of the energy of traditional products.

Has the advantages of quiet, maintenance-free, no oil pollution, large torque, strong and stable driving.

Energy feedback device can realize energy regeneration.

The energy feedback device is used together with the permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive technology, and the comprehensive energy saving can reach more than 50%.


3.omfortable experience

VVVF variable frequency drive ensures no peak current and makes the elevator run smoothly.

The building is equipped with the best running performance control software to ensure the running quality.

The warm decoration allows passengers to experience a safe, quiet, elegant and smooth ride.


4.Human design

Tailor-made, many choices, tailor-made elevator for the building.

Non-standard elevators have the same fast service.

The car and man-machine interface are designed in accordance with the principles of ergonomics, the location is reasonable, and the operation is more convenient.

According to the specific situation of the building, analyze the transportation capacity requirements and provide you with a complete set of elevator systems.


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