Fujihsed Bed Elevator Maker Introduces Precautions For Children To Take The Elevator

Summary:The danger of children taking the elevator is higher than that of adults, and they are more likely to be injured. Theref...

The danger of children taking the elevator is higher than that of adults, and they are more likely to be injured. Therefore, children must pay extra attention to safety when taking the elevator. Not only that, parents also need to educate their children on the safe use of elevators. Here's how the maker of Fujihsed Bed Elevator shares how younger kids can take the elevator properly.


  1. Little babies, 0-3 years old, when there are many people, go up and down the elevator, try to hold the adult as much as possible, and don't let the children walk into the elevator by themselves, so as to avoid elevator failure and accidents. Be careful not to make your child play on the elevator, and try not to hold things in your hands. Because if you drop something, you will pick it up, but the elevator is always running, so a stampede event will occur. This is also the reason for the baby to hold. The subway people in Beijing are crowded, afraid that others will not notice, or the child will fall over and step on the child.
  2. Older children must hold the handrail when getting on and off the elevator. When children are older, they do n’t like to be held by adults. In fact, adults are holding children to ensure their safety. When people are crowded easily, crowding can easily lead to accidents. Sometimes the children are happy, and arguing with classmates on the elevator can easily cause safety accidents. When getting on and off the elevator, be sure to wait for the children to flow past, holding on to the handrail. Also when going up the straight ladder, you can clearly see that the door is open and confirm that the elevator has come up. Someone in it should come up again. Don't be so impulsive. Accidents will bring disaster to the family. When there is a power failure in the straight elevator, the children are taught to help themselves by calling the telephone in the elevator to the outside for help.

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