FUJI HSED Passenger Elevator Factory Explores Why Elevators Are Afraid Of Water


Elevator is a modern and convenient tool to help people […]

Elevator is a modern and convenient tool to help people quickly reach the destination they want to use. It seems simple to use the elevator, but there are many skills in using it. Today, follow the FUJI HSED Passenger Elevator Factory to understand why the elevator is afraid of water ?


First of all, we must understand that the elevator shaft is not a hollow, but there are many mechanical parts and electrical components installed under the car roof, car bottom and landing door sill.


Secondly, if liquid is poured into the hoistway, the components will rust, and more seriously, the electrical components installed in these places will fail, which will make the elevator ineffective.


There are also many wires and circuit boards arranged on the elevator car and landing door. Water ingress will also reduce the insulation of electrical appliances and wires and cause leakage. Such elevators are very dangerous to put into operation and cause passenger Electric shock to personnel. Leakage will also cause more serious damage to the elevator control system. Such as causing the computer board to burn out. Therefore, if the elevator enters water or is wet by water, the elevator power supply must be suspended, and the water should be cleaned and dried as soon as possible. Please have the professional maintenance personnel test the circuit before putting it back into use.


HUZHOU FUJI ELEVATOR CO.,LTD. , A professional manufacturer of elevators, reminds everyone that using elevators safely is for everyone's sake.

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