Fuji Hsed Escalator Supplier To Share The Working Principle Of Escalator


Today FUJI HSED Escalator Supplier will share the worki […]

Today FUJI HSED Escalator Supplier will share the working principle of the escalator:


The core components of the escalator are two chains, which circulate around two pairs of gears. At the top of the escalator, a motor drives the transmission gear to rotate the chain ring. A typical escalator uses a 100-horsepower engine to turn gears. The engine and chain system are installed in a frame, which is a metal structure that extends between two floors.


Unlike a conveyor belt moving a plane, a chain ring moves a set of steps. The most interesting thing about escalators is how these steps move. As the chain moves, the passenger steps remain level. At the top and bottom of the escalator, the steps fold over each other to form a platform. This makes it easier to get up and down the escalator.


Each step on the escalator has two sets of wheels that rotate along two separate tracks. The upper unit (the wheel near the top of the step) is connected to the rotating chain and is pulled by the drive gear on the top of the escalator. The wheels of the other groups simply slide along the track, following the wheels of the first group.


The two tracks are separated from each other, which keeps each step horizontal. At the top and bottom of the escalator, the track is horizontal, which flattens the steps. There is a series of grooves inside each step to connect with the front and back steps during the flattening process.


In addition to turning the main chain link, the electric motor in the escalator can also move the handrail. The armrest is just a rubber conveyor belt that circulates around a series of wheels. The conveyor is precisely configured so that it moves at exactly the same speed as the steps, making the passenger feel smooth.


The escalator system does not lift people up to dozens of floors like an elevator, but it is very suitable for providing short distance transportation. This is due to the high load factor of the escalator. After the elevator is full, you must wait for it to reach the designated floor and return before anyone can get on the elevator. On the escalator, as long as one person reaches the upper level, it will make room for others.


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