Fuji Hsed Elevator Factory Shares Precautions For Taking The Elevator

Summary:Elevators are very common in life, so how to take the elevator correctly, the following FUJI HSED elevator factory will ...

Elevators are very common in life, so how to take the elevator correctly, the following FUJI HSED elevator factory will introduce:


  1. Wait for the elevator to stop at the corresponding floor without crowding. Passengers open the elevator floor doors, and before entering the elevator, they must first pay attention to observe whether the elevator car is at the corresponding floor position. If the elevator car is not in the leveling position, the elevator may fall into the accident.
  2. Confirm whether the floor and car door are closed. When the elevator is in normal operation, both the floor door and the car door should be closed. If the elevator door is found to be closed, it will indicate that the elevator is faulty. Do not ride at this time to prevent shear accidents. In addition, passengers should not stay too much between the elevator floor door and the car door, in order to prevent the elevator from suddenly operating in an unexpected failure state and causing a shear accident.
  3. Overload alarm should not be forced into it. Each elevator has its own heavy load. Exceeding the load will cause the elevator to not close the door. If the passengers forcefully squeeze into the elevator at this time, it may cause the pull rope to slip and the elevator car to fall down in severe cases.
  4. Avoid dangerous activities such as slapstick and beating. Passengers should not play, play, or jump in the elevator car during the elevator operation. This behavior is particularly likely to cause the elevator safety device to malfunction, resulting in "trapped people" and accidents.
  5. Do not "handle the foot" or lean on the car door while riding the elevator. When entering the elevator, do not block the elevator door with your hands or feet, it is easy to cause the system to malfunction and cause accidents, and you can use the elevator switch button at this time. After entering the elevator, do not lean your body against the door. Because the distance between the elevator door cutter and the sill is only 5 mm to 10 mm, if you lean on the car door at this time, the elevator may cause the door cutter to hit the sill during the operation, which is dangerous.
  6. If the elevator breaks down during the ride, passengers should never panic, or rush out of the trap by prying, picking, or kicking the door. They should try to notify the elevator management department and maintenance personnel to rescue. Smart choice.