FUJI HSED Elevator Factory Introduces The Specific Requirements Of The Elevator Shaft


When carrying out the elevator installation, we must fi […]

When carrying out the elevator installation, we must first consider the requirements of the hoistway before making a detailed choice. The following FUJI HSED elevator factory wants to share some dry cargo knowledge of the hoistway.


  1. Service door and safety door

If the distance between two adjacent floors is now more than ten meters, then a safety door should be set in the middle. This safety door has a wide range of functions. Professionals can use this door when performing elevator maintenance or elevator overhaul. It is very convenient, but people need to pay special attention to it. The maintenance door, safety door and movable movable door cannot be opened inside the hoistway. Both the door and movable movable door need to be equipped with a lock that can be opened by using a key. After opening, you can close the lock without using the key.

Even if other access doors and safety doors are locked now, they should be able to be opened from the inside of the hoistway without using the key. Only the access door, the safety door and the access movable door are in a semi-closed state. The elevator Talent is working properly.


  1. Requirements for elevator work

When designing the elevator at the beginning, pay attention to that the horizontal distance between the working parts of the elevator must not be less than three decimeters. The barrier rails will run through the entire hoistway. When the elevator rises more than 30 meters, intercom components should be installed and compensation should be provided Components, the compensation components here mainly refer to ropes and chains, the above things will be used in elevator maintenance. The length of the eight cores of the radius of the cable movement and bending cannot be too small, and the requirements meet the relevant requirements. There are now a variety of standards that can be applied.


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