FUJI HSED Elevator Factory Calls On Everyone To Take The Elevator Civilizedly

Summary:With the elevator becoming a part of people's life, there are many places to pay attention when using the elevator, espe...

With the elevator becoming a part of people's life, there are many places to pay attention when using the elevator, especially in the face of epidemics, it is necessary to use the elevator correctly to avoid infection between people, so now there are many Place paper towels in elevators to reduce people-to-people contact. Then today FUJI HSED elevator factory will remind everyone to use paper towels in elevators and pay attention to civilized use.

We all know the civilized use of elevator tissues is a reflection of personal qualities. What's more important is to do this, which can really prevent the possibility of everyone's contact and realize that everyone can use the elevator without leaving fingerprints, but it should be noted that you can't pull a few more paper towels at one time because it is used more often Paper towels are also a waste, so don't give yourself and others a chance to waste. After use, it ca n’t be discarded anywhere. There can be as few as three or five or as many as a dozen, and some are rubbed into a ball and thrown in the corner under the elevator button. During the epidemic, this occurred This kind of uncivilized phenomenon actually increases the possibility of infection for cleaning staff. It should be known that tightly closed elevators are regarded as sensitive places for epidemic prevention and control, and there are many people who get on and off. The elevator buttons that everyone touches have become public supplies that people who are not willing to touch. And throwing waste paper into the elevator became a new and bad habit under the epidemic, and it was also a sad performance.

Therefore, FUJI HSED Elevator Factory urges everyone to follow the elevator's instructions when riding the elevator: the paper dedicated to the buttons of disposable elevators must not be discarded after use, please put them in the trash. Do n’t waste paper towels and coveted convenience. You should throw them in the trash can, or put a small bag at the door of your home, throw in the used paper, and clean up regularly. Saving resources and protecting the environment should start with me and the small things around me.