Four main points for choosing the home elevator

Summary:With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous development of science and technology, m...

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the continuous development of science and technology, many people are pursuing the quality of high-quality living standards. When many families start using household elevators, many people are very strange to the term household elevators.

The reason is mainly because the elevator cuts in from the city's high-rise buildings, so as soon as the elevator is lifted, it is the public elevator. The home elevator is limited to small areas of the family, and does not need to go directly to dozens of floors, just reach the floor of the building structure. Even so, it is also a small but small, full of liver and gallbladder, different in the load and number.

In general, home elevators carry 250-400KG, while public elevators are 450-2500KG. Seeing this figure, it is obvious that the public elevator may be 10 times the load of the home elevator. Therefore, the home elevator is a small and sophisticated elevator. It is not the kind of work in the building, and it is rushing to put it into the pickles. The same elevator.

The difference between a home elevator and a public elevator is also in speed. The home elevator is 0.4m/s and the public elevator is 1.0-18.0m/s. These are formed according to the requirements and the specifications of the household elevator manufacturing.

Another difference is the way to open the door. Public elevators are usually automatic doors, while home elevators are hand-drawn doors and automatic doors. This makes it easier for families to choose according to their own needs and is more flexible. In addition, for some families with elderly and children, the door can be safer and more reliable, at least the chance of being caught by the automatic door will be much lower.

Among these differences, the problem is the most, and the most demanding point is speed. Many people would like a home elevator to reach the speed of 80 floors. But this is absolutely impossible. First, because the technical security itself determines, and secondly, the floor itself does not meet such requirements. Because the round-trip time can make the speed less than enough, it is enough for home 0.4m / s. There is absolutely no need to blindly pursue speed, regardless of safety.