Factors affecting the price of villa elevators


With the continuous improvement of people's living stan […]

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the gradual development of technology, villa elevators are more and more popular among modern people. As the economic income and consumption power are constantly improving, the crowds with multi-storey houses and villas are also keep growing.

1.the number of elevators in the home elevator: Generally speaking, the more the number of elevators in the home elevator, the more the price of the elevator will increase. Under the same brand and the same configuration conditions, the price of the four-storey home villa elevator is higher than that of the three-storey home villa elevator.

2.the size of the home elevator: the same brand size, load capacity, height, etc., the price is also a certain gap. For elevators with smaller sizes, the installation is more difficult and the technical requirements for installation are higher.

3.the brand of home elevator: elevators of different brands, the corresponding price is definitely not the same, the price gap between imported elevator brands and domestic elevator brands is very large, the same brand of elevator, you choose different configurations, different functions, prices The gap is also large.

4.home elevator drive mode: At present, the home elevator is mainly a three-way household elevator with three different driving modes: traction type, hydraulic type and screw type. Therefore, the driving method is different, and the price of the elevator is different.

5.the functional configuration of the home elevator: different materials, process, performance, comfort, environmental protection, component durability, quality and other aspects of the difference.

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