Escalator Supplier Shares The Benefits Of Maintaining Elevators


After each use, it is not recommended to maintain home […]

After each use, it is not recommended to maintain home elevators. Generally speaking, only one month of maintenance time is required, and one day of training is also possible.

Escalator Supplier recommends that the home elevator be kept at a very low level during each maintenance to prevent the home elevator from falling and endangering people's lives. In the maintenance of home elevators, every important component must be thoroughly maintained. The lubricating oil can be used to penetrate bearings and rollers, and the service life of home elevators can be extended to a large extent.


The temperature of the electrical room of the home elevator should not be too high, otherwise the inverter components will be aging easily. It is recommended to install an air conditioner, the effect is very good. Prevent rain from getting wet, usually blown by a typhoon, windows are blown by the wind, and the inverter is wet by rain. Lightning protection, which is related to the lightning protection facilities of the entire building or the entire community. Inverters struck by lightning are usually severely damaged.

The cooling fan of the home elevator inverter should be cleaned regularly, and it should be replaced if the sound is loud or cannot run. The abnormal sound of the home elevator motor is usually the problem of the inverter. If the three-phase current of the motor is unbalanced, the repair is required. If the inverter fails completely, the damage may be severe. If you have no maintenance experience, please do not repair it yourself. Many people make inverter worse.

The home elevator inverter is a kind of instrument specially used for elevator control. It improves the efficiency of home elevators, runs stably, and extends equipment life. However, when the inverter fails, it will cause inconvenience to many people. Maintenance can greatly reduce the failure rate of the inverter.

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